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Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essays - Characters In Macbeth

Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essays - Characters In Macbeth Macbeth by William Shakespeare In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth unconsciously uses Macbeth and others as a shield for guilt. When she wants something but doesn't have the guts to perform the task herself, she calls upon anyone but herself to do it. She thinks that this will erase her conscience of any guilt it has on it, but the shield is faulty. The first and most obvious of all places where this shield is placed is in the first two acts where Lady Macbeth is trying to convince her husband to kill King Duncan and become King of Scotland. She persuades by attacking Macbeth's manliness, "Was the hope drunk Wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since? And wakes it now, to look so green and pale At what it did so freely? From this time Such I account thy love. Art thou afeard To be the same in thine own act and valor As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life And live a coward in thine own esteem, Letting ?I dare not' wait upon ?I would,' Like the poor cat I' th' adage?" (I, vii, 39-49) By doing this, she manages to get Macbeth to kill King Duncan, however, in the end, she knows she is just as guilty as he is. Her guilt emerges in her visions of blood remaining on her hands, "The Thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? What, will these hands ne'er be clean? No more o' that, my lord, no more o' that. You mar all with this starting." (V, I, 44-47) Another less obvious place where Lady Macbeth uses others to shield her guilt is when Banquo is murdered. Both MacBeth and Lady MacBeth discuss their fear of Banquo knowing too much, and Lady MacBeth resolves to do nothing and leaves the chore up to her husband. After finding out about it, Lady MacBeth tells herself it wasn't her fault, but deep inside she knows it is just as much her as it is MacBeth who killed Banquo, "Wash your hands. Put on your night- gown. Look not so pale. I tell you yet again, Ban- quo's buried; he cannot come out on ?s grave." (V, I, 65-68) These examples show how Lady MacBeth used her husband to shield away the guilt. What she didn't expect was that it wouldn't work, and the blow of the guilt from murdering so many people strictly for power was too much for her weak shield. Emotionally she suffered and it drove her to talking her own life. She ineffectively tried to block off what was destined to come her way.

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Chapter 4 and 5 Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Chapter 4 and 5 - Research Proposal Example ive behavior in students, the climate within which both educational failure and negative behavior emerges and the relationship between the educational climate and education- based prevention and intervention programming. There are many reasons in the surrounding environment of the education as well as in the students’ life that emerge as a cause of failure in the educational performance and gives rise to negative behavior. The risk associated with the high school students basically comprise those who have low performance and are drop outs, they due to such factors tend to develop negative behavior. It depends upon the educational system to identify such students and develop program to change them (Wormer, 2006). The students who are dependent upon the single mother’s income for the education purpose tend to develop negative behavior due to low level of income and lesser affordability to get educated. It is the climatic condition that is present in the lives of the student which gives birth to negative behavior and causes low performance resulting to educational failure. The relationship shows a positive link between the two. The academic climatic condition is responsible as well as the students environment is also responsible for such state. But with the education- based prevention and intervention programming it can be minimized and the performance may increase as well as the students’ negativity may turn into positivity in terms of behavior. (McKinney, n.d). The social support, family cohesion, personality and sources of income of the single mother impact the behavior (either positively or negatively) of the children. The income level brings the change in the attitude along with the impact of social support from the mother, mother’s attitude, and personality traits. The low level of income is the risk factor which that can lead to the negative outcomes in the behavior and performance of the student. It is not only the factor that causes low

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Astronomy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Astronomy - Essay Example Global warming due to climate change is recognized by many individuals, but big business, politicians, and deniers have caused serious doubt among some. The five following current articles reviewed show the perception of today’s world about the climate change occurring. â€Å"Climate change may trigger earthquakes and volcanoes† is an article about the link between volcanoes and earthquakes and climate change. Even slight climate changes can cause responses of the earth’s crust. â€Å"Evidence of a link between climate and the rumblings of the crust has been around for years, but only now is it becoming clear just how sensitive rock can be to the air, ice and water aboveâ€Å" (Fisher). With the warming of the earth, the sensitive crust is erupting more than other. This article showed how new technology is proving the link between earthquakes and volcanoes due to global warming. It also presents the idea the whole world is already being affected by global warming, not just the Artic regions. Global warming affects the whole Earth. â€Å"Scientists: Pace of Climate Change Exceeds Estimates† is article reviewing the expectations of world scientists about global warming and the rapid climate change. Scientists are now finding out their original estimates of climate change and global warming. At first the predictions were bad, but more recently the predictions have become worse. Scientists had not planned on the earth’s reaction to climate change worsening the affects of the global warming. The cycle of warming and worsening has already begun. Scientists have found: The permafrost holds 1 trillion tons of carbon, and as much as 10 percent of that could be released this century, Field said. Along with carbon dioxide melting permafrost releases methane, which is 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. In â€Å"Address threat of climate change† a passionate plea for the world to take action to stop climate change is asserted. Since

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Jack Welch Essay Example for Free

Jack Welch Essay Jack Welch joined General Electric (GE) in 1960 and became vice president (1972) and then vice chairman (1979). In 1981 he became chairman and CEO of GE; at 45, he was the youngest person ever to have held that position. Having taken GE with a market capitalization of about $12 billion, Jack Welch turned it into one of the largest and most admired companies in the world, with a market value of about $500 billion, when he stepped down as its CEO 20 years later, in 2000. (Reference for Columbia Encyclopedia) Welch took bold actions to improve GEs ability to compete globally before it ran into serious difficulty. Welch leads two different revolutions in his tenure as CEO. The first revolution had to do with hardware: what businesses GE should be in and what businesses it should divest. Welch quickly changed GEs approach to strategic planning. The matrix approach developed under Reginald Jones was replaced with Welchs Number One Number Two strategy. If a GE business wasnt first or second in its markets worldwide, or couldnt be made so, it would be sold. At the start of Welchs tenure GE administration was built around three hundred separate businesses, a recipe for inefficiency. Welch tore into the ossified corporate structure with a vengeance and by the mid-1980s had overseen nearly 120,000 layoffs and earned the nickname Neutron Jack. The name was derived from the neutron bomb, a weapon designed to minimize heat and blast effect but maximize dispersal of lethal neutron radiation—in effect, eliminating people but leaving buildings and equipment intact. (Reference for The New GE) By 1985, billions of dollars had been made or saved through sales and layoffs. Welch sought opportunities for growth by reinvesting those billions and considered possible takeover targets. Indeed, there were more than 200 acquisitions in his first five years as CEO, the largest being the $6.3 billion acquisition of RCA in 1985. RCAs assets included not only its electronics and defense businesses, but also the NBC television network. This resulted in its becoming the worlds largest manufacturing, technology, and service company, with 1999 revenues of over $110 billion. (Reference for Jack Welch The G.E.Way) The second revolution has to do with software: how to run GEs existing businesses better. Jack Welch firmly believed that top performers deserved to be handsomely rewarded. He established a performance-review program to identify the top 20 percent of employees, who were accorded bonuses, as well as the bottom 10 percent, the lemons, who were typically fired and replaced. (Reference for The New GE) Welch instituted the Six Sigma program at GE. Initially implemented at Motorola and Allied-Signal, the program was developed to maximize the efficiency of manufacturing processes through the minimization of production of defective units. When applied at General Electric it became the largest quality-control measure ever adopted in corporate America. The program required a huge investment in training and tracking but ultimately led to great gains in profit and productivity. (Reference for Jack Welch The G.E.Way) Welch is seeking productivity gains by involving GE’s workers as well as its managers. In September 1988, Welch said to Jim Baughman, the former Harvard Business School professor in charge of Crotonville, Jim, we have got to capture what happens here at Crotonville and push it across the whole company. We have to create an atmosphere where people can speak up to somebody who can do something about their problems. The result was the development of an ongoing series of what GE calls Work-Out sessions, a sort of town meeting for workers and managers to work out problems at the plant or facility level. The key idea is that for employees to become more productive, they must be empowered to make the changes themselves, not to refer problems endlessly upward in the bureaucracy. (Reference for The New GE) By the end of the 20th century GE had developed an electronic-business program; another of Welchs initiatives, the system electronically tied the company directly to suppliers and customers. The e-business was just one aspect of what Welch dubbed the boundaryless company, a company without administrative walls between separate business units and where knowledge applied to one area could be applied companywide. At the time of his retirement Welch had only begun to see his vision of a boundaryless company come to fruition. (Reference for Jack Welch The G.E.Way) Lessons learned * Education-The essential element of organizational success is having educated and well trained individuals that make up the organization. * Change is good.-See Change as an Opportunity. * Get good ideas from everywhere.-New ideas are the lifeblood of business. * Eliminate Boundaries-In order to make sure that people are free to reach for the impossible, you must remove anything that gets in their way. References: Robert Slater. 1993. The New GE: How Jack Welch Revived an American Institution. Mountain View, CA: Business One Irwin Robert Slater. 1998. Jack Welch The G.E.Way. New York: McGraw-Hill Reference for the Columbia Encyclopedia. 2008. Jack Welch. (Retrieved as of October 12, 2011)

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The Call Of The Wild :: essays research papers

Title: The Call of the Wild Author: Jack London Type of book: Fiction Date Completed: September 12, 2001 Summary:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The novel, The Call of the Wild, follows a four-year-old mixed Saint Bernard and Scottish shepherd, named Buck. In the beginning of the story, Buck lives in the home of Judge Miller, located at Santa Clara Valley, California. In Santa Clara, Buck lives a luxurious life. At the time of the story, gold is discovered in the North. With this discovery, the value of large dogs like Buck escalated dramatically. The dog’s value was due most to their ability to haul heavy sleds through the abundant snow. Unfortunately, Judge Miller’s servant, Manuel steals Buck to sell him to a band of dog-nappers to pay for his accumulating gambling debts. The ring of thieves that bought Buck is gaining a secure banking by trading the dog to northern executives. Buck, who has had an easy life so far, does not adapt well to the terrain as the other canines do. Buck does not easily tolerate the confinement and mistreatment of his new authority. Buckâ€℠¢s gains the misconception, which then is an aide that any man with a club is a dominator and must be obeyed.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  After an expedition into the North Buck discovers his new location and temporary home. Once arrived buck rapidly accommodates to his new environment. Buck masters many skills that are mandatory to survive in his new habitat. Buck discovers that he can rely on his animal instinct and basic intellect to acquire the essentials to exist in the tundra. One of the most significant concepts learned by Buck is that while being attacked his must take an offense to survive. Another essential concept Buck grasps is that he must be at constant alert and that his size makes him inferior to others. Buck’s quick adaptations assist in his survival.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Following being starved for numerous days, Buck’s original instinct to kill and eat raw meat is revived within. During this occasion, Buck is opposed against Spitz, the vigorous, dynamic, hierarch of the sled team. Buck and Spitz have a couple of battles against each other; however, the fight in Buck makes the outcome victorious on Buck’s behalf. Buck then becomes conductor of the sled team. This rank of authority makes the superiority of Buck even more prominent. During this rank, Buck attains the admiration of his current masters, Perrault and Franà §ois, who challenge Buck for quite sometime.

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Effect of Video Games Essay

A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. The word videoin video game traditionally referred to cathode ray tube (CRT) display device, but it now implies any type of display device that can produce two or three dimensional images. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles .These platforms range from large mainframe computers to small handheld devices. Specialized video games such as arcade games, while previously common, have gradually declined in use. Video games have gone on to become an art form and industry. The input device used to manipulate video games is called a game controller, and varies across platforms. For example, a controller might consist of only a button and a joystick, while another may feature a dozen buttons and one or more joysticks. Early personal computer games often needed a keyboard for game play, or more commonly, required the user to buy a separate joystick with at least one button. Many modern computer games allow or require the player to use a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously. A few of the most common game controllers are gamepads, mouse’s, keyboards, and joysticks. Video games typically use additional means of providing interactivity and information to the player. Audio is almost universal, using sound reproduction devices, such as speakers and headphones. Other feedback may come via haptic peripherals, such as vibration or force feedback, with vibration sometimes used to simulate force feedback. In the early days of cartridge consoles, they were sometimes called TV games. Early games used interactive electronic devices with various display formats. The earliest example is from 1947—a † Cathode ray tube Amusement Device† was filed for a patent on 25 January 1947, by Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann, and issued on 14 December 1948, as U.S. Patent 2455992. Inspired by radar display tech, it consisted of an analog device that allowed a user to control a vector-drawn dot on the screen to simulate a missile being fired at targets, which were drawings fixed to the screen. Other early examples include: * The NIMROD computer at the 1951 Festival of Britain * * OXO a tic-tac-toe Computer game by Alexander S. Douglas for the EDSAC * in 1952 * Tennis for Two, an interactive game engineered by William Higinbotham in 1958 The term â€Å"platform† refers to the specific combination of electronic components or computer hardware which, in conjunction with software, allows a video game to operate. The term â€Å"system† is also commonly used. In common use a â€Å"PC game† refers to a form of media that involves a player interacting with a IBM PC compatible personal computer connected to a video monitor. A â€Å"console game† is played on a specialized electronic device that connects to a common television setor composite video monitor. A â€Å"handheld† gaming device is a self-contained electronic device that is portable and can be held in a user’s hands. â€Å"Arcade game† generally refers to a game played on an even more specialized type of electronic device that is typically designed to play only one game and is encased in a special cabinet. These distinctions are not always clear and there may be games that bridge one or more platforms. In addition to personal computers, there are multiple other devices which have the ability to play games but are not dedicated video game machines, such as mobile phones, PDAs and graphing calculators. With the advent of social networking and other online applications hubs, the term â€Å"platform† started being used to refer to the online service within which the game is played, regardless of the actual hardware on which it is executed. A game’s platform could simply be â€Å"Facebook†, whether it is played on a Windows PC, Mac, Smart TV, or smartphone. Statement of the problem : 1.) What is the negative effects of video games to teenager? 2.) What is the positive effects of video games to teenager? 3.) Does game violence make teens aggressive? Scope and limitation Development in technology brings many things that people don’t have many years back. One of these things is online gaming that is provided by the internet. Online gaming is one of the widely used leisure activities by many people. Teenagers who are playing these online games said that they are playing these games just for fun, to keep away from the heat of the sun, without knowing that there are a lot of effects of playing these games that are more than what they think. Playing online games, according to some research is beneficial. It enables the mind of the players to be more active , especially those puzzle-based games. It helps the player to come up with decisions in tight situations, especially those adventure games that keep the players to be alert, active and strategic. Playing these types of games makes the player experienced different feelings because it is as if the player is really the one taking the challenges. Despite those benefits, playing these games also bring negative effects. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE RELATED LITERATURE â€Å"Computer Gaming Effects to the Academic Performance among High school students† – The internet and online gaming industry has grown considerably over the past decade. As the advent of internet occurs, online gaming is undisputedly popular to the students and that online gaming has become high school students’ favorite leisure choice. Most of the High school students in these times are seen on internet sites and spending their money for them to be ready on their battle online. Because of this widespread, parents and educators are concerned about the doable effects on the academic performance among high school students. The most common question discusses about how it affects the academic performance of the gamer. Not surprisingly, gaming culture has become a polarizing force in our society, as well. â€Å"The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of Aims Students† – Computer addiction is a relatively new term used to describe a d ependency on one’s computer. Computer addiction is not limited to personal computers (PCs). It covers video games and the Internet and has already been given a label by psychologists, namely Internet addiction disorder (IAD). People can grow addicted to a variety of substances, and there is usually a substantial amount of help available to treat them. Alcohol, drugs and sex have all been known to bring out the addictive personality trait in some people, but other forms of addictive behavior, such as exercise, watching television or spending too much time on a computer, have only recently been recognized. Computer addiction, like any addiction, can creep up on a person without one being aware of it. Talk shows are full of people whose relationships have been torn apart by one partner’s computer addiction. Spending hours chatting online, surfing the web or playing computer games can cause relationships to deteriorate as other parts of a person’s life are neglected.

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John Stuart Mill s Version Of Utilitarianism - 2088 Words

In the Utilitarian doctrine the consideration of pleasure and pain is constrained to ends. By this doctrine pleasure is the only thing desirable as an end and pain is the only thing undesirable as an end. Everything else is good or evil as it tends to promote pleasure or pain*. I will argue that pain should be considered as a means as well as an end and show that this is consistent with John Stuart Mill’s version of Utilitarianism. Conjoining the consideration of pain as a means and the notion of association of ideas, I will give what I hope is a unique explanation as to why higher pleasures are so often considered superior to lower pleasures. Finally I will end with a short exposition that may help to explain Mill’s mental crisis of 1826 by using the ideas advanced in this paper. Pain and pleasure are experienced partially relative to each other. A given experience will be inherently pleasurable or painful, but previous experiences influence the experience of pleasure or pain. Relevant for this essay, painful experiences tend to increase the pleasure of subsequent experiences. I will illustrate this with an example. Relative to getting a finger jabbed in your eye, not getting a finger jabbed in your eye is pleasurable. Relative to a state of ecstasy, a normal state in which you are not getting your eye jabbed is painful. In both examples, the normal state of not getting a finger jabbed in your eye is the same, except for what came prior. In the first case the priorShow MoreRelatedUtilitarianism : Bentham And Mill766 Words   |  4 PagesUtilitarianism: Bentham VS. Mill Utilitarianism is a normative ethical theory that holds the morally right course of action in any given situation is the course of which yields the greatest balance of benefits over harms. More specifically, utilitarianism’s core idea is that the effects of an action determine whether actions are morally right or wrong. Created with philosophies of Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806–1873), Utilitarianism began in England in the 19th Century. Read MoreUtilitarianism and Omelas Applying John Stuart Mills Utilitarianism to Ursula Le Guins The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas1220 Words   |  4 Pagesreasons in which a follower of John Stuart Mill s Utilitarianism would disagree with the events taking place in Ursula Le Guin s The One s Who Walk Away from Omelas. The creed which accepts as the foundation of morals, Utility, or the Greatest Happiness Principle, holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness (Mill 55). This is how Mill first presents the idea of Utilitarianism. If it promotes happiness itRead MoreThe Differences in John Stuart Mills and Jeremy Benthams Versions of Utilitarianism2151 Words   |  9 PagesThe Differences in John Stuart Mills and Jeremy Benthams Versions of Utilitarianism In what ways did John Stuart Mills version of utilitarianism differ from that of Jeremy Bentham? Which do you consider preferable? The Cambridge International Dictionary of English defines utilitarianism as the system of thought which states that the best action or decision in a particular situation is the one which most benefits the most people. This is the main idea of the system of thought and it isRead MoreMill vs. Bentham2787 Words   |  12 PagesIn what ways did John Stuart Mills version of utilitarianism differ from that of Jeremy Bentham? Which do you consider preferable? The Cambridge International Dictionary of English defines utilitarianism as the system of thought which states that the best action or decision in a particular situation is the one which most benefits the most people. This is the main idea of the system of thought and it is from this the beliefs and opinions of John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873), Jeremy Bentham (1748Read MoreWhat Makes An Action Moral Can Not Be Had Without Thoroughly Examining The Theories Of Immanual Kant And John1696 Words   |  7 Pagesthe theories of Immanual Kant and John Stuart Mill. Mill bÐ µliÐ µvÐ µd that an action s consÐ µquÐ µncÐ µs dÐ µtÐ µrminÐ µ its moral worth, whilÐ µ Kant arguÐ µd that morality of thÐ µ action dÐ µpÐ µnds on thÐ µ good will. BasÐ µd on thÐ µ two contradicting thÐ µoriÐ µs abovÐ µ, this papÐ µr will support Mill s viÐ µw of thÐ µ moral worth of an action bÐ µcausÐ µ it is dÐ µtÐ µrminÐ µd by its practical and usÐ µful consÐ µquÐ µncÐ µs in our sociÐ µ ty. Kant’s dismissal of an action s consÐ µquÐ µncÐ µs is irrÐ µlÐ µvant to our sociÐ µty s moral valuÐ µs. ThÐ µ aim of this papÐ µrRead MoreUse Of Consequentialism, Desire Satisfaction Theory And Objective List Theory1345 Words   |  6 PagesConsequentialism is an approach to Ethics that argues that the morality of an action is reliant on the action s consequence (Mastin, 2008). This theory is based on two main principles, first, that the rightness or wrongness of an act depends solely on the results of it and secondly, that the better act is the one that produces more good as a consequence. What is meant by consequence here is everything that a certain action brings about, including the action itself. The good end required by an actionRead MoreUtilitarianism : The Morally Right Action1194 Words   |  5 PagesTulasha Thapa Final Paper Utilitarianism Utilitarianism states, â€Å"The morally right action is determined by the consequences of the action, not the motives of the agent†. Utilitarianisms consider happiness to be the foundation of morality. The famous version, â€Å"act utilitarianism,† says the morally right action is the one that brings about the greatest consequence of the greatest number of people. Mill thought it was obvious that everyone ultimately wants to be happy, so he made this the foundationRead MoreJohn Stuart Mill s Definition Of Quality975 Words   |  4 Pages John Stuart Mill’s definition of quality can be broken-down distinctively into four separate definitions. When evaluating pleasures, J. S. Mill alleged the quality of particular pleasures is determined by how much pleasure the person obtains from the pleasure, in addition to, how just the pleasure is beneficially to society. Moreover, Mill argued against â€Å"†¦Bentham’s purely quantitative view of pleasure. Without denying that quantity is a consideration in the calculation of pleasure, Mill believedRead More Immanuel Kants Ethics Of Pure Duty and John Stuart Mills Utilitarian Ethics Of Justice2753 Words   |  12 PagesFor The Metaphysics of Morals and John Stuart Mills Utilitarianism Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill are philosophers who addressed the issues of morality in terms of how moral traditions are formed. Immanuel Kant has presented one viewpoint in The Grounding For The Metaphysics of Morals that is founded on his belief that the worth of man is inherent in his ability to reason. John Stuart Mill holds another opinion as presented in the book, Utilitarianism that is seemingly in contentionRead MoreHappiness Is Worth No More Than Anyone Happiness1980 Words   |  8 Pagespursuing what we pleasure. This way to live and to be wise is referred to as the greatest happiness principle, or utilitarianism as laid out by philosopher John Stuart Mill in his book Utilitarianism, quoting John Stuart Mill s: â€Å"holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong in proportion as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness.† (Mill, 1861). Furthermore, when pursuing pleasure for yourself, it is important to seek higher plea sures, and stray away